Elizabeth Crewther

I like to find inspiration in the things around me everyday, this could be a flower or leaf that I've seen on a morning walk with the dogs.  Or it might be a picture or photo in a book or online, usually what draws me to pictorial imagery is the colour and any discernible texture.

The colour blue is one of my favourite hues.  After my first cataract surgery in my early twenties I was amazed at how vibrant and vivid shades of blue were.

Yellow and orange are also big favourites, I love the warm and soothing feeling I get from looking at them in a painting, a flower or just in the everyday things around me.

Texture is also an important component to my work, this again is possibly due to my eyesight but also, I feel its makes a painting look more tangible to the viewer.  The varying depths of texture along with the natural texture achieved with brush strokes add dimension to my work.

All around us in the everyday we have texture and colour.  Some of it is pleasant and evokes nice feelings, some not so nice or pleasurable.  I like to think of my work as the tangible you feel with your eyes.

Colour I believe is an important factor in how we feel, or relate to situations and the world around us.

Feathers are one of my favourite natural treasures, they have amazing texture and for many birds it is the determining factor in finding a mate.

Bird beaks are also a great opportunity to paint texture and for some species bright colour.

Acrylic is an ideal medium for me to achieve the colour and texture I desire for my work.  It's consistency can be changed easily, it dries fairly quickly which helps with layering and definition.  

Most of my paintings take a considerable amount of time because of the layers and the colours, what a lovely way to pass the time...........